Mike giordano's

It Ain't Christmas

'Til I'm Drunk

Factory Underground Records

Street Date: November 2, 2018

a collection of off the wall Christmas hits






Mike Giordano is a singer-songwriter and pianist from Stamford, CT. When he isn't playing with classic rock, blues and country bands Kim & the Other Ones, Blue Water, and Rosie B and The Stingers, Mike pursues an unusual musical hobby - writing off-the-wall holiday songs. It started with "The Sanny Claus Dat I Know," about a mafioso straightening out a colleague on the real Santa Claus. "The Sopranos were huge at the time; I was channeling my inner-Joe Pesci," he says.


"It Ain't Christmas 'Til I'm Drunk" is Giordano's first full-length album, produced by Micky Leonard of DBU Productions. Besides “Sanny Claus,” the album includes “It Ain’t Christmas 'Til I’m Drunk,” about “anybody at a Christmas party who’s sick of the hype and ready to drink,” and “Dear Rover,” about the dog next door coming to grace your Christmas lights and lawn ornaments."


    "The songs have nice melodies. I thought I’d write catchy tunes,"  Giordano says. "It’s comedy - I can’t do anything seriously." But people like it so they say, ‘'Oh, a nice Christmas song, and then they hear the words and think, wait - what did he say?’”

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